Commercial Disputes

The majority of commercial disputes involve elements of accounting, financial and economic issues. This complexity can make it challenging for the litigating parties to achieve a swift outcome.

In many cases, an independent forensic accounting expert will be required to clarify the extent of issues involved, navigate through the available evidence and give opinions that allow parties to reach an outcome or assist the Courts. At LitAcc, our forensic accountants have worked on and helped clients resolve a range of the most complicated and challenging commercial disputes. These have involved:

  • Loss of profit and consequential loss claims
  • Business interruption claims
  • Warranty claims
  • Partnership/shareholder disputes
  • Transaction disputes
  • Compulsory purchase orders
  • Professional negligence

Our commercial dispute resolution services include:

  • Assisting in preparing particulars of claim and witness statements
  • Raising objections against the particulars of claim served
  • Reviewing and analysing information to provide view on the claim
  • Preparing calculation of loss quantum
  • Reviewing calculation of loss and complex models prepared by the opposing expert
  • Assisting in making Part 36 offer
  • Providing opinions on technical accounting and tax matters
  • Acting as adviser or as shadow expert
  • Acting as expert witness and providing expert reports
  • Assisting during mediations and settlement negotiations
  • Attending Court to give oral evidence

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