Matrimonial Disputes

In high value matrimonial proceedings, the value of assets and the level of earnings involved can make it challenging for the parties to reach a financial settlement. But at LitAcc, we can help. We assist matrimonial solicitors and their clients in the financial aspects of matrimonial proceedings.

Our team consists of forensic accountants and chartered accounts from leading accounting firms, as well as members of the Resolution, with over 15 years’ combined experience in handling matrimonial disputes.

We’ve formed long-term, trusted partnerships with numerous family law firms. All of these firms have full confidence that we have the skills, experience and meticulous attention to detail required to help their clients reach a financial settlement.

We’re regularly instructed (both party appointed and jointly instructed) to:

  • Assist in reviewing the Form E
  • Conduct valuation of business and shares
  • Assess the liquidity in business and methods available to extract funds for financial settlement purposes
  • Assess the existing personal income and sustainable income
  • Assess tax consequences of extracting funds from business for financial settlement purposes
  • Act as a single joint expert or a party appointed expert
  • Act as a shadow expert

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