Proceeds of Crime

In confiscation and money laundering proceedings, the law enforcement agencies can make a range of assumptions (under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 ("POCA")) when quantifying the figure (i.e. benefit amount and available amount) for the confiscation order or the extent of money laundering involved.

We assist law enforcement agencies and criminal defence solicitors in quantifying and/or rebutting the benefit amount and the available amount in confiscation proceedings – and the extent of laundered funds in money laundering proceedings.

LitAcc’s forensic accountants have years of experience of acting on behalf of both the prosecution and the defendants in a range of POCA matters. We also have a proven track record of successfully challenging the figures and assumptions put forward by the opposing side.

Our team consists of forensic accountants and chartered accounts from leading accounting firms, with over 15 years’ combined experience in handling confiscation and money laundering matters. We can provide expert opinion and reports on POCA related matters, which support case.

  • Fraud
  • Breaches of trading standards
  • Illegal use of money service bureaus (MSBs)
  • Drugs offences

Our services around POCA include:

  • Conducting financial investigation on behalf of local authorities
  • Considering financial evidence presented by the prosecution in support of an indictment
  • Considering potential evidence against the prosecution’s case
  • Analysis of Section 16 statements and accompanying documents
  • Collation of Section 17 responses
  • Provision of expert reports, attend conferences with Counsel, prepare joint statements, and attending Court

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